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connecting exceptional brands with global markets


01 about

We curate exceptional local brands and connect their products with the world's most dynamic markets to reach their full potential.

For LUUM exceptional means: 

thoughtfully designed + consciously sourced + exceptionally crafted.


Every brand in our portfolio has a clear impact on the environment, their employees, customers and community.


By accompanying our brands in their growth, LUUM generates a positive impact exponentially.


02 brands


03 our process

Amazon Growth.

Selling on the largest online retailer in the world can be complex. We make it simple by partnering with brands and taking care of their end-to-end Amazon execution. Including:

  • Account Management

  • Advertising Optimization

  • Enhanced Brand Content

  • Imaging

  • Cataloging

  • Training

Market/Impact-Driven Strategy.

Our approach is to first identify market needs and opportunities, where social and/or environmental impact is at the core.

A Curation Approach.

We partner with brands that have products with world class potential, and design and co-implement a winning commercial strategy. 

Multi-Channel Positioning.

We work with a wide array of channels, including Direct to Consumer, Online Marketplaces, and Brick & Mortar Retail.

Logistics Efficiency Maximization.

By consolidating inventory from all of our brands, we maximize efficiency in international logistics, allowing us to have higher margins and inventory control.


Obsessed with Customer Experience.

We're obsessed with customer experience, from product design and quality, to marketing, to customer service. We manage each brand's customer service on all sales channels to ensure best practices across the board.


04 contact

Join our mailing list:

If you'd like more information, have a brand you'd like to share with us, or just want to say hello, please write to us:


600 S Ocean Blvd, 504

Boca Raton, FL 33432


 Ruta 6 9-50, Zona 4, Interior No. 5

Guatemala City, Guatemala 01004

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