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Simultaneous Multichannel Launching

NOLÉ, founded by Guatemalan beauty queen Alida Boer, offers a plastic-free hair care solution. After experiencing post-pregnancy hair loss, Alida discovered the miraculous effects of batana oil and other ingredients, inspiring her to create Nolé and share this natural solution with the world.

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    In a tight 3-month timeframe, the goal was to launch the Nolé brand from scratch in March 2022, coinciding with Expo West Tradeshow. The challenge involved multichannel simultaneous launch: DTC (Shopify), Amazon, and the Expo booth.

    With no prior presence in the USA, everything would have to be built from the ground up: from the brand concept to storytelling and image. Despite fierce competition, Nolé aimed to establish a strong presence in a highly competitive niche market.

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Successful Simultaneous Multichannel Launch and Beyond.

As of June, 2023

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    Through our brand content services, we helped Nolé develop all the creative assets necessary for each channel. We provided step-by-step content guides and examples for exceptional asset development, enhancing your product submissions on Amazon, Shopify, and Expo Booth with expert image guidance.

    In collaboration with Nolé's creative team, we produced engaging, high-quality videos, images, and ad copy to convey the value of the Nolé brand. In addition, we managed the operations and last mile fulfillment journey, including various integrations to automate fulfillment, covering Amazon, DTC, and B2B marketplaces.

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