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MEEMA, a BCorp certified kitchen & home textiles brand, turns waste into beauty using discarded denim and cotton to save water. Emphasizing sustainability, MEEMA crafts durable, top-performing essentials, Its waste is composted to grow Arabica beans, showcasing a commitment to embodying a global Circular Economy movement.

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    Creating MEEMA as Luum's own brand was an enormous challenge, and it's what started it all.

    Creating the brand from scratch, the task encompassed conceptualizing a unique and sustainable kitchen & home textiles brand for the US market. From developing an initial product collection, to working closely with our manufacturers, finding supply chain solutions and sustainable packaging materials, and extensive market research to produce functional products that customers would love. On top of it all, everything was undertaken in a highly competitive environment. All of this allows us to understand the entrepreneur's pain points.

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Sustained sales growth to reach the top #30 rank in Amazon's Kitchen & Dining category, competing with thousands of lower-priced products.

As of June, 2023

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    With Meema we explored new marketing strategies. Using our expertise in branding, communication, and creative direction, we crafted effective solutions. With seamless operations, supply chain management, and Amazon experience, we grew Meema across the U.S. This led to sales across online, DTC, and B2B channels, expanding our reach to North America, the UK, and Europe. Meema's success reflects our innovation, execution, and commitment to impactful brands.

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