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Impact Storytelling and branding building on Amazon

Wakami, founded by Guatemalan entrepreneur María Pacheco, is an ethical fashion brand sold in 22+ countries. It empowers over 200 women, turning poverty into prosperity through business training. Alongside Wakami transforms rural communities by fostering dreams and providing opportunities, notably through inclusive business and smart investment methodologies.

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    Wakami was facing some challenges in its quest for Amazon positioning:

     -With an extensive product list, correct Amazon categorization in the browse node was often overlooked.

    -It required a depth keyword research to increase discoverability.

    -The brand needed to refine storytelling and image to be recognized for its social impact and beautiful, functional accessories.

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Improvements in communication, image, and correct categorization on Amazon contributed to Wakami's growth on Amazon.

As of June, 2023

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    We began by optimizing Wakami's Amazon categorization and performed market trend keyword research. We improved communication and conversion rates by leveraging storytelling and our brand-building expertise team.

    To take advantage of the conversion rate increase, we created PPC campaigns and showcasing videos, boosted brand awareness, and highlighted key features, aligning with Wakami's ethical values and aesthetics.

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